Why we are:

While stories expose our core feelings, dreams and values, film cinematically taps into our common human emotions. We want our marketing, documentary and fiction stories to connect us, to help us remember that the emotions of a man struggling to survive in an Appalachian settlement are only a stone’s throw away from a musician surviving Katrina.

What we do:

Stone’s Throw Films (STF) is a full service media production company that develops fiction, documentary and marketing projects.  STF works with clients to develop a narrative that meets their specific needs.

STF contracts to produce a project of specific length given the parameters set forth in collaborative, creative discussions.  Each media project is unique, but the process includes, in varying degrees, three production phrases:


  • The clients collaborate with the writer and the director to develop a comprehensive vision for the story.
  • The writer conducts interviews and research to write a shooting script that reflects the scope of the project.
  • The producer organizes a shooting schedule and rehearsals compatible with the director and interviewees/actors.

Principle Photography

  • The director and crew shoot the project content.

Post Production

  • The editor edits the footage, works with the director, music composer and sound mixer.
  • STF delivers the final product.